Are kids’ parties better than grown-ups?


 As a mom, one of the most stressful things to do is to organise your kids’ birthdays and pull it off without a hitch. You need to have some common sense when you plan it and make good chances. Instead of being stressed about the cake, try a San Francisco bakery; and if you want other help, feel free to get it. 

The excitement of the big day, whether it’s a birthday or other celebration, should always be marked with a party filled with decorations, fun and delicious food. Children look forward to their parties with special urgency, knowing they will experience something magical and memorable. Adults focus on these things too, but being adult sometimes gets in the way of the best party experience. Are kids’ parties better than grown-ups’ parties? It depends on many factors, not least of all the ability of the person in question to let go and have fun.

Where to Have Kids’ and Grown-ups’ Parties

The majority of both kids’ and grown-ups’ parties occur at home. The second most popular place is at a favorite restaurant. For adult parties, bars can be included in that count. Which one is better depends on personal preference. Kids can party at home without worrying about cleaning up afterwards. Grown-ups will take care of that, even after their own party. At a restaurant, grown-ups get the short end of the stick again since they have to pay.

Decorations, Fun and Games
Overall, kid’s parties have more decorations, crafts, games and outside-the-norm activities than grown-up parties. Parents will decorate the house with balloons, streamers and tableware from their kids’ favorite cartoon. There will be fun projects to work on and games to play. Grown-ups’ parties usually revolve around talking with other people at the party. Activity parties at sports clubs or dance clubs can be fun, but still focus on socialization.

Party Food and Drinks

Grown-ups may see their party as a time to let their hair down and drink too much alcohol. The next day they will probably regret it. Cake has too many calories and pizza gives them heartburn. When it comes to food and drink, kids’ parties are definitely better than grown-up parties, but mostly because there is no guilt or regret involved. Kids will smash cake on their face with wild abandon, while grown-ups will turn it down because they’re dieting, even at their own party.

Are kids’ parties better than grown-ups? It all boils down to what people expect from a party. For sheer enjoyment and fun without guilt or discomfort, kids’ parties win. What a person enjoys most and remembers for their whole lives depends on their personal tastes. Parties, at any age, should be about fun.


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