The Best Cake Receipes You Never Thought Of



Cakes are a staple dessert or afternoon snack. Sure you could head down to your local London or San Francisco bakery and just get something but instead of making cakes from mixes found at the grocery store, try doing something different. Here are some cake recipes you may not have heard or thought of. 

Make a Root Beer Bundt cake using standard root beer or root beer schnapps. Combined with cocoa powder, brown sugar and other ingredients, this can be a hit for both children and adults. You can use any Bundt cake mix in cupcake papers as well. 

For a light and fluffy alternative to heavy cakes, try a Green Tea Cheesecake. This recipe combines matcha green tea powder, chocolate and gelatin for a no-bake cheesecake perfect for friends, family or just for the “just because” occasions.

Flourless cakes have been around since the Great Depression. They are great for those occasions when guests cannot have gluten; you have run out of flour or just want something different. Make it in chocolate, vanilla or other flavors. 

Red Velvet Cake was once a party cake found in nearly every celebration. Today, it is making a comeback. The color is striking and the taste is wonderful. Try a variation that uses marshmallow crème for an interesting filling.

If you have to use a cake mix, try a beer cake for game night. It uses a standard yellow cake mix and one can of your favorite beer. You can experiment to create your favorite flavors. 
Try a stout cake for a hearty dessert or fun occasion. Guinness makes a wonderful addition to a chocolate cake recipe. You only need to use a cup; the cook can have the rest. 

If you have a bottle of wine left over, use it to make a wine cake. There are recipes for both red and white wine cakes. Wine has been used in cakes for hundreds of years.

Rose petals and rose water have been used in light cake recipes for as long as cakes have been around. Once the fare of only the richest families, you can find the ingredients online and in fine food stores. Create a rose cake for close friends, bridal or baby showers. 

For children of all ages who love peanut butter, make a peanut butter cake for a weekend treat or a picnic. The recipe can become a family favorite. 

Making cakes with unusual flavors is not expensive or hard. You can find recipes to try in cookbooks and online. You could create a tradition or friendly competition to see who comes up with the most unusual and great-tasting cakes.