Interior Decorating: A Guide for Parents

When I was a kid, I dreamed of how my adult home would look. I would have the coolest neon leather chairs in my rec room. I’d have antique Egyptian inspired sofas in my parlor. I’d have a soft, velvety, big comfy chair in my living room. I never thought about that in between teenager and self-pleasing adult phase called parenthood. It turns out, I didn’t have to. There were ways to furnish and decorate my home that pleased me and provided a perfect environment for my children. Here are some things I learned:

Don’t kid yourself and just go with it. There are certain things I found myself repeating over and over and over. The two things that come to mind first are: “Don’t leave your shoes there,” and “Don’t throw your clothes there!” Eventually, I realized I wasn’t going to break the habit. I threw a shoe carpet on the left side of the door instead of the right, then I put a hamper in the bathroom instead of the kids’ rooms. Some habits are harder to break than they are worth. Adapt your set-up to them instead of stressing yourself out.
Go Shabby Chic. I gave up on the leather, antiquity, and soft white dream, but I did not have to give up on style completely. One day, while looking through a home decorating magazine and saw a gorgeous set-up of shabby chic furniture and decor. Even though the kids are gone, I still have my favorite Shabby Chic sofa.

Don’t put decorating on the back burner. There was a time, when the kids first came along, that I acceded to just keeping the walls white and accepting the furniture my parents offered from the attic. It was a miserable year. Finally, when I couldn’t take another second of the gloom. I got some cheap paint and started with the living room. I couldn’t believe the difference it made. It was magic. I would smile every time I walked into the room. I knew holding off on adding decor was no longer an option. I have not regretted it for a second since. It brightened the environment. It made rooms more fun. Best of all, my kids loved joining in on the projects and reveled in the attention they received when it was time to decorate, or redecorate, their room.



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